Value-Added Reseller

We assist with  providing leading-edge law enforcement sensors and radios. We also provide computer hardware, drone systems and security equipment. Our services include but are not limited to:

VALUE ADDED RESELLER (leading edge law enforcement sensors and radios) (including Mesh Radios and Expanded Band LTE cell phone radios)

  • Providence Global – Specialized law-enforcement and surveillance equipment
  • Claresys – Covert surveillance lens solutions
  • Abside Networks – LTE Radios in government frequency bands
  • Motorola – Radios
  • Cisco Systems – Enterprise Networking and Security Equipment
  • xFold – UAV / Drone Systems
  • Axis Communications – Camera and video management solutions
  • Google Apps – Enterprise cloud applications
  • Southwest Antennas – Specialty antenna engineering and manufacturing
  • Computers, servers, wireless access points and other computer hardware