Professional Services

QED Enterprises excels and provides facilities, security, program management, logistics and technology services. Our professional services include but are not limited to:


QED provides integration expertise for keeping networks and systems secure to utilizing the latest encryption technology for surveillance.

  • Cyber Security
  • System Integration
  • UAV Drone Outfitting and Training
  • Data Analytics
  • LTE Radio Development for Federal Government


QED has a focus on keeping people, facilities, construction sites, safe while working in classified locations or requiring the latest technology installed.

  • Secure Transportation and Logistics
  • Security Monitoring and Escorting
  • Security Systems Installations
  • Logistics
  • Program Management


QED provides technical expertise to support the various services required to design, construct, and maintain classified and unclassified facilities.

  • Space Planning and Design
  • Facilities Operations and Support
  • Development & Operations of Management Systems; Developing and Maintaining Project Controls

Welcome to QED Enterprises, Inc.

About Us


QED was founded by two Special Forces operators, a former Army Green Beret and Navy SEAL, who brought along their cultures of high performance and success. QED Enterprises is experienced in program management, construction (including building renovations and design-build projects), logistics, and security escort services.

Our Core Values



We take responsibility for ensuring  customer satisfaction on the delivery of all of our projects.


We demonstrate leadership as a company and as individuals, and always rise to the occasion.


Honesty and integrity form the foundation of all our interactions, both internally and with clients.


We regard our contractors as team members and hold them to the same standard of excellence.

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