We are living in a time that tests the resolve of our Federal workplaces. The ongoing pandemic has put fear into government workers that their workplace is hazardous to them. Mass demonstrations and civil unrest cause damage to buildings and property by the sheer volume of people. Violent and destructive elements have damaged the buildings that house our government and the people that defend them.

These factors have impeded the crucial work of government. Employees are left to fear for their security and health. Hastily implicated perimeter can be ineffective and lead to an atmosphere of unrest. Facility Resilience by QED and Architecture, Inc. seek to work with you to create a customized plan with forethought and purpose, so that your facility and workers are safe.

We will seamlessly integrate permanent resilient construction, disease mitigation measures, and pre-planning for hardy, purposeful, temporary defenses during periods of civil unrest. Results of this planning, construction, and deployment strategy are an assured, healthy workforce and a strong and protected facility.

While every situation is unique, there are some common factors to consider in creating resilient facilities:

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Planning for Health and Defense

Architecture, Inc. and QED will consult with you to create a custom plan to keep your workforce well and facility protected.  Your perimeter will be assessed and creative solutions for HVM (Hostile Vehicle Mitigation), blast proofing, ballistic mitigation, crowd control construction, and concussive force mitigations will be assessed.  An Immediate Response Plan (IRP) will be developed that spells out effective, tailored perimeter hardening when called upon. Wellness checkpoints that screen out COVID threats will be addressed.

Window Protection

Civil unrest disproportionately affects windows. Just because the alarm is on and the doors are locked doesn’t necessarily mean the contents and tenants within those locked doors are safe.

To quickly reinforce windows and glass doors, QED has partnered with Armoured One to offer the industry’s leading window protection products, including their loss prevention window film, which helps keep glass from shattering and prevents looting and interior facility damage.

QED is now a certified Armoured One distributer.  Click here to set up a Facility Resiliency Planning Session so you can learn the difference Armoured One products can make at your facility and  how easy they are to install.

Check out the videos below to see what Armoured One loss prevention window film can do for your facility.

Long Term Strategies

All aspects of the planning will be designed by Architecture, Inc. and built by QED to protect your facility 24/7 and defend it in anticipation of rollout of elements for Immediate Response Plan (IRP). Items may include:

  • Integrating health screens into lobby for rapid employee health screening. May include redesign and renovation of space.
  • Attractive and rated fencing or bollards or physical barrier impediments; a variety of options including planters and inviting outdoor seating are available.
  • Anti-Graffiti films and coatings to protect façades and clean easily.
  • Concussive force absorbing physical elements.
  • Blast and ballistic mitigation measures for windows and facade.
  • Pre-installed track for secure and esthetically pleasing window shutters to be easily placed when needed.
  • Recessed and unobtrusive anchors for crowd control barriers and no-climb fencing.
Anti-graffiti paint allows for easy graffiti removal

Contract Services

Under our Rapid Response Team contract, our teams can quickly mobilize to implement all aspects of your customized Immediate Response Plan and ensure your building is protected from whatever potential or actual threat to your facility. We will: 

  • Install temporary control barriers and fencing.
  • Shutter windows. Maintenance and service contracts
  • Clean graffiti from pre-coated surfaces
  • Refresh blast or anti-graffiti window films.
  • Maintain all aspects of long-term strategy.

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