Our Leadership Team

QED Enterprises draws strength and direction from its strong, experienced management team.

Mark Witte, President & CEO

Mark Witte is the Founder, President & CEO of QED Enterprises, Inc (QED). He oversees all financial and contracting aspects of the company, and he authorizes and oversees the development and execution of the overall business strategy for the company.

Prior to starting QED, Mark served in the US Army as a Green Beret in various peacetime missions in Central and South America and served on various missions in Afghanistan.  In his early years, Mark worked construction jobs work in all capacities, from laborer to apprentice carpenter functions. This experience has paid large dividends for QED’s Construction Division as discussed in QED Client Highlights. 

Mark holds an undergraduate degree in accounting and master’s degree in Computer Resource and Information Management. These degrees coupled with his work experience in the Chief Information Office for the US Army’s 3rd Special Forces Group helped him to deepen his understanding of everything from IT systems management to cyber security. Mark’s professional experience and academic background, propelled him to successfully complete many IT and communication integration jobs for Federal Law Enforcement and the Intelligence Community.

For fun, Mark enjoys relaxing with his family, going to church, and teaching people how to fly in his weekend capacity as a licensed Flight Instructor.

Kristin Witte, Chief Operating Officer & Facility Security Officer

Kristin Witte is QED’s Chief Operating Officer And Facility Security Officer. She spearheads QED’s executive team to develop and execute growth strategies including  but not limited to identifying and developing new service markets, enhancing current and strategic partnerships, and establishing new teaming initiatives. She created and currently manages QED’s strategic growth and internal processes to ensure scalability and efficiency.

With over 20 years of experience providing hands-on support to multiple functional areas, Kristin has supported QED’s growth from its inception. She is skilled in PHR, business development, program and performance management, fiscal management, and leadership development. She is a proven operations professional with a Master’s of Science degree in Labor and Industrial Relations.

When Kristin is not working, she enjoys traveling with her family and going on hikes. When the stars align, Kristin loves live theatre, especially when she gets to catch a show in NYC.

Rita Rosse, Chief Financial Officer

Rita Rosse is QED’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO).  She is responsible for managing the accounting department and is in charge of all financial reporting and analysis.

Rita has over 25 years experience in accounting and finance. Prior to joining QED, Rita worked as the Controller for three companies in Baltimore before returning to consulting. As a financial consultant, she helped many startups set up and maintain their accounting practices. She advised on business acquisitions and assisted in the sale of a business unit. One of her valued clients over those nine years was QED Enterprises, Inc.  She was excited to join them as their full-time CFO in June 2019.
Married to her high school sweetheart, she has three sons, and in her spare time she enjoys traveling with her family. She also loves to write and wrote her first novel a few years ago. She is currently working on a children’s book.

Ralph Gronlund, Vice President of Federal Solutions

Ralph Gronlund is QED’s Vice President of Federal Solutions. He identifies and executes strategic growth opportunities and authorizes the overall custom-solution QED develops in support of new and existing proposal responses.

He is also instrumental to QED programmatic execution. Ralph identifies and resolves barriers preventing optimal delivery of services, positively impacting clients’ business, and profitable growth. He also spearheads QED’s client engagement in support of QED’s Program Management Team.  Ralph supports the overall Account Management process by securing and leading resources and directing activities to support client business needs.

With over 30 years of experience deploying and delivering client-centric solutions across Technology, Construction, Facilities Management, and Logistics in classified environments, Ralph helps QED to build client relationships based on trust, high quality deliverables and thought leadership.

For fun Ralph is an amateur photographer, videographer, editor and producer. He enjoys mountain biking, camping, and household construction projects.

Erin Barber, Vice President of Strategic Services

Erin Barber is QED’s Vice President of Strategic Services.  She strategizes, designs, and implements new tools, technologies, and strategic processes to help the company operate more efficiently. She also spearheads QED’s marketing and branding initiatives, participates in strategic planning, and works with the executive team to develop the evolution of QED’s strategic direction and future growth.

For more than 20 years, Erin has helped small businesses strategically grow and scale their processes.  She brings this experience to QED to scale internal processes and formalize  client-facing processes and procedures. When needed, she supports business development, proposals, pricing, and staffing.

Erin spends her free time with her husband and two kids. She also enjoys reading, traveling, and making jewelry.



QED Enterprises is excited to partner with ALEX in an SBA certified Mentor-Protegee Joint Venture.

ALEX, our Mentor, is a trusted provider of technology, engineering, modernization and professional services for government defense and commercial organizations.  www.alexinc.com

Our Mentor-Protege partnership pursues security solutions, logistics and analytics.


Customers and Partners

QED partners with our customers to assist them in accomplishing their agency’s mission by providing superior service solutions and top notch talent.

Department of Justice
Army Research Lab
Naval Research Lab
Naval CIS
Drug Enforcement Administration
Department of Energy
Department of Veteran Affairs
Federal Bureau of Investigation
National Science Foundation
General Services Administration
Department of the Army
  Forte Meade
  Fort Myer
Fort Detrick

Welcome to QED Enterprises, Inc.

About Us


QED was founded by two Special Forces operators, a former Army Green Beret and Navy SEAL, who brought along their cultures of high performance and success. QED Enterprises is experienced in program management, construction (including building renovations and design-build projects), logistics, and security escort services.

Our Core Values



We take responsibility for ensuring  customer satisfaction on the delivery of all of our projects.


We demonstrate leadership as a company and as individuals, and always rise to the occasion.


Honesty and integrity form the foundation of all our interactions, both internally and with clients.


We regard our contractors as team members and hold them to the same standard of excellence.

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